Private Office

Private Office is a package of services aimed for managing your personal assets to ensure their preservation, protection, and its subsequent transfer to future generations.

The service of Private Office was designed using the best practices of major financial institutions abroad that are specialized in private banking. We have successfully adapted the tried-and-tested model of Private Office for our Clientsneeds.

Our practice

The primary tool that is implemented by our experts is a clear-cut separation between personal and corporate assets & cash. This makes it possible to build a steady system to protect and pass on the wealth to future generations.

We are not limited on developing a customized implementation of the Private Office concept which best serves the Clients interests, but our proposal is to set up a Private Holding Structure with minimum tax exposure and risks.

The experience and the skills of our experts are certified by the worldwide industry leaders, including the Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) program.

Who needs a Private Office?

The concept of “Private Office” started in the USA in the end of the 19th century with the advent of wealthy dynasties with vast political and economic influence. Their fortunes were worth tens of millions of dollars, and financial management experts were brought in to take charge of the family wealth.

Since then asset management has become an integral part of the way of life of well-to-do families in Europe and USA.

Owners of major assets should use a more reliable management solutions than a plain-vanilla trust. It is now available the most effective tailor-made investment strategies, which call for comprehensive risk management of funds.

Private Office is an investment in your future

A key component of any business is it's steadiness over a number of years. But a change of ownership or a transfer of business management into the new hands can be a painful process, giving rise to a number of problems and risks.

Business security and personal fortune can be ensured, however, with Private Office, using an array of tailor-made financial instruments. Hence the primary strategic purpose of Private Office is to ensure the financial security of the beneficiary through several generations.