About the company

The experts of T.A.G. Consulting Russia have been practicing corporate, tax & finance law for over 15 years.

Our mission is to enhance business investment attractiveness by using the most efficient mechanisms and legal instruments.

T.A.G. Consulting Russia is specialized in the areas of corporate restructuring, business analysis and analytics, debt restructuring, complex transactions and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

We have successfully completed a wide range of Russian and international projects in key sectors of the global economy.


Corporate Governance is a system of economic and legal mechanisms, regulating the relationships between the company owners, the management, the board of directors and other members of the business management structure.

The main objective of Corporate Governance is to improve the efficiency of the decisions made and to enforce their execution, which enables the company to maintain stability and grow naturally.

Corporate Restructuring is an array of measures aimed at optimizing the legal structure of the company in order to improve its attractiveness to investors by means of available financial and legal instruments.

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Corporate governance is the most important instrument of the company's optimization and is a system of economic and legal mechanisms, regulating the relationships between the company owners, the management, the board of directors and other members of the business management structure.

Effective implementation of the corporate governance usually cannot be achieved without the corporate restructuring.

T.A.G. Consulting Russia has extensive experience in designing a variety of corporate governance systems and has completed several projects in corporate restructuring which are one of the most effective mechanisms for developing a corporate administration system and increasing the investment attractiveness of a company.

Premises for the implementation of the corporate governance and the corporate
  • it is difficult for business owners to control the top managers' key decisions;
  • insufficient protection of shareholders’ rights and interests;
  • the existing method of analyzing personnel risks is inefficient;
  • there are numerous conflicts between the company’s top managers, owners
  • and staff;
  • failure of the internal structure to meet international standards;
  • the company is preparing for an IPO;
  • the increasing costs of maintaining an informal businesses structure gradually
  • decrease profitability;
  • cash flow proves impossible to consolidate;
  • acquiring loans becomes more difficult;
  • effective contacts with potential investors and partners are impeded by the numerous inconsistencies in the corporate systems;
  • an open business system and a transparent shareholding structure increase the risk of a hostile takeover.

What is our advantage?

T.A.G. Consulting Russia has successfully completed a number of complex corporate governance and corporate restructuring projects. We aim to create the optimal management structure, designed first and foremost in order to safeguard the interests of the business owner.

Firstly, according to the wishes of the business owner we develop the necessary corporate regulations - the by-laws of the company which regulate all internal procedures and processes involved in decision making, geared to achieve the following:

  • to turn the internal management structure in line with the international standards;
  • to optimize the management structure;
  • to prepare the company for an IPO.

Secondly, we have at our disposal a wide array of corporate reorganization instruments which help us to improve the corporate structure and increase the market capitalization and the investor appeal of the company, e.g.:

  • corporate law;
  • tax law;
  • auditing;
  • financial analysis;
  • international practices.

Thirdly, we offer our clients the implementation of a uniquely tailored strategy - this is what separates T.A.G. Consulting Russia from all other players on the corporate consulting scenario.

Asset protection is a specific way of controlling capital that ensures a high probability of its preservation without compromising its sustainable growth.

T.A.G. Consulting Russia helps to ensure legal immunity and a comprehensive protection of business assets thanks to its vast experience and professional excellence in corporate law.

One of the most effective ways to protect assets is to develop the corporate governance structure as secure as possible. We turn the existing corporate system to meet the security requirements and make it resistant to external factors.

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A fast-growing business cannot avoid risks. These can be dramatically reduced using sophisticated legal mechanisms. We manage them closely for you.

Before generating a custom asset-protection plan, we investigate the full range of hazards over the entire life of the company. In an attempt to prevent adverse situations, we explore all possible scenarios for their occurrence and evolution, taking into account the specifics of the instruments of incorporation and the controls in place.

Asset protection can also be provided by using an operating procedure, whose principal tools are both Russian and International legislation, as well as well-orchestrated actions by our T.A.G. Consulting Russia staff.

We identify the risks that, on the surface, are vanishing and disregarded in a one-size-fits-all crisis management plan. Experience shows that these can eventually turn into a serious problem.

Comprehensive legal support of transactions is a package of legal services necessary for successful finalization of complex package deals and agreements.

T.A.G. Consulting Russia has provided support for complex legally binding transactions of Russian and foreign companies for years. Major banks, individual resource producers, retailers and telecommunications vendors have successfully utilized our services.

As soon as negotiation starts, we take charge of the transaction finalization process and its execution, aimimg to its successful completion. Our proposal covers participation in negotiations, contract drafting and representation of our client before official entities.

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Comprehensive legal support of transactions is a package of legal services necessary for successful finalization of complex package deals.

Our practice

At each project stage, we do an in-depth analysis of all aspects of the transaction and advise the client on all issues involved.

What does legal support for a transaction involve?

Legal support of project means a full analysis of the transaction to ensure it is legitimate and legally sound.

The preparation stage involves formulation of the project’s objectives and tasks, following which T.A.G. Consulting Russia lawyers draw up a timeline for its implementation. The timeline provides for all potential risks and allows for different outcomes of the comprehensive transaction.