Personal Holding Structure

Personal Holding Structure is a multi-stage process which typically involves some form of corporate restructuring aimed for optimizing the ownership structure of the business.

From the perspective of the Client, the Personal Holding Structure is the answer to numerous issues and concerns associated with the direct involvement in day-to-day & strategic business operations.

A Personal Holding Structure enables the Client to take direct control of the level of personal involvement in business matters and adjust it according to the long-term plans & goals.

Simultaneously, Personal Holding Structures can mitigate various risks associated with business operations. Rather than owning the assets personally and, therefore, being liable for their debts, potential lawsuits, and being exposed to other risks, Personal Holding Structures can safeguard the beneficiaries from many potential hazards.

Therefore, Personal Holding Structures play a crucial part in ensuring that the Clients long-term interests of the Client are duly protected.