Worldwide asset identification

It is vital for the Client to secure his interests against the debtor's unfair actions. Considering that debtors have a variety of tools for hiding and controlling their assets worldwide, it is our duty to provide the Client with a necessary service package, that is efficient to identify debtor's asset location in different states.

The main purpose of the Asset Identification is to identify and to trace varieties of assets worldwide, allowing the Client to recover them. This service is based on two main areas: 1. defining and finding the assets, 2. locating persons that can be involved in the process.

We provide a service, that is vital to identifying and locating these types of assets:

  • real estate property;
  • stocks and shares of companies;
  • trusts, funds and similar types of entities;
  • financial and investment assets;
  • bank accounts;
  • vehicles;
  • etc.

Another aspect of this service is the identification of individuals and legal entities who can be related to debtor's assets (persons of interest), such as:

  • trusted individuals;
  • banks, non-bank credit organizations and its employees;
  • financial entities and its employees;
  • mediation and brokerage organizations and its employees;
  • external consultants: lawyers, translators, auditors etc.;
  • other individuals and organizations, that are linked to the debtor in relation to the ownership and usage of found assets.

The result of this outstanding service is a detailed report, that includes a complete review of information and data about debtor's assets hidden around the world.